Friday, 26 January 2018

Your finest hour

The first 11 chapters of the Gospel of John display Jesus’ intentional and often offensive ministry.  And now, in Chapter 12, we find these words:  “The hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified.”  Welcome to the glory part of our Guts and Glory sermon series!  Sunday, Jan 28, 8:30 and 10:00 a.m.

Friday, 19 January 2018

Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs

Rather than talk about "miracles," the Gospel of John talks about "signs."  Signs, no matter how impressive, mean nothing if they don't lead us somewhere.  Too often we see seek the sign, rather than the destination to which it leads.  When Jesus fed the 5000+ with the boy's lunch (John 6), he was erecting a sign.  That sign points us to Jesus. Join us, this Sunday, Jan 21, 8:30 and 10:00 a.m..  We share the communion meal at both services.

10 years

Yesterday marked the 10th anniversary of my ordination as a Minister of the Word.  Thank you for the flowers!  Thank you to all those who braved a stormy January evening to be part of that celebration in 2008.  Thank you to the two churches I have served - Lucknow and Ancaster.  And thank you to God, for giving me this amazing task. 

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Quinn Kara Joy Numan

On Sunday, January 14, 2018, we celebrated the baptism of Quinn Kara Joy Numan, baby girl of Jessica and James.  God welcomes her into his covenant family.  Congratulations to James and Jess!

Friday, 12 January 2018

Not safe, but good

A royal official just wants his son to live (John 4).  Jesus strips the official of any  sense of privilege or entitlement.  Seems a little harsh.  We prefer a Jesus who is nice, inoffensive, and, well, safe.  This is our second message in our Guts and Glory series from the Gospel of John. Sunday, January 14, 8:30 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.  And, we celebrate the baptism of baby Quinn Numan.

Friday, 5 January 2018

Guts and Glory

We begin the new year with a sermon series called, Guts and Glory. The Gospel of John begins with Jesus' ministry, a ministry in which he offends a lot of people.  Then, about halfway through the book of John, the emphasis shifts toward talk of Jesus' glory. Pastor Adam kicks off the series this Sunday, Jan 7, 8:30 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.