Thursday, 30 January 2020

Stop #2 on the road trip

Our first stop on the Roman Road got a little rocky.  We stopped at Romans 3:10 where we read that "There is no one righteous, not even one."  Now, at our second stop, the news is even more scary; Romans 6:23 says "the wages of sin is death."  Good thing we have a new status "in Christ."  Join us on this Road Trip through Romans - along the road that leads to salvation. Sunday, Feb 2, 10 a.m.

Friday, 24 January 2020

Welcome to guest preacher, Ben Wimmers

Seminarian Ben Wimmers is preaching this morning, on a story that will make you believe in God!
I will be leading in worship and in the sharing of the communion meal.  Hope to see you there, Sunday morning, Jan 26, 10 a.m.

Thursday, 9 January 2020

A winter road trip

We're going on a road trip.  This trip will take us down the Roman Road to Salvation.  Hope you can join us!  Last Sunday we got ready for the trip. This Sunday, Jan 12, we make our first stop on the road, at Romans 3:10.  10:00 a.m.