Friday, 2 August 2013

Short Memories

For 10 days in May we were caught in the grip of the tragedy that had struck the family of Tim and Sharlene Bosma.  On May 6 Tim went missing after accompanying two people on a test drive of the truck he was selling. On May 15 Dellen Millard was charged with his murder.         Three months have passed since those days of desperate prayer, the media blitz that surrounded the family, and the exhaustive investigation of every lead and angle.  People have short memories – there’s always another tragedy to cover, another scandal to report.
  While the investigation of Tim’s murder continues, the hard work now happens beyond the public eye.  The same is true for Sharlene and the rest of Tim’s family. During those first weeks, their grief was never a private matter.  Many watched and prayed, they wrote notes and sent gifts. But their lives have gone on much as they did before May 6.  We have short memories. 
For Sharlene, and for Tim’s parents and sisters, the memories do not fade. Instead they become sharper.    The pain does not ease; it becomes more intense. Along with the grief come the big questions:  Where was God? Why did he not answer our prayers? Was this part of God’s “plan?” He could have prevented this – why didn’t he?
  There are no satisfactory answers to these questions.  We can cite chapter and verse about how God works for the good of those who love him, and how he will never leave us nor forsake us.  As their pastor, I wish I could satisfy the ache in the hearts of those who loved Tim most dearly. 
  All I know is that we live in a broken world where the effects of sin still wreak havoc in our lives.  Until Christ returns, we will stubbornly hang onto our faith in a God who has triumphed over death. 

  Sharlene will always remember her husband, and the new charity, Tim’s Tribute, ( )will keep his memory alive long after the court case has been concluded, long after the media moves on to other stories. We can live as hopeful people because, while people may forget, our God has a long memory.  No, he will never leave us nor forsake us.    

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