Saturday, 13 June 2015

At Synod

This Sunday we have a guest pastor at Ancaster Christian Reformed Church.  I am in Sioux Centre, Iowa, attending the meetings of Synod, the CRC's broadest assembly.  We begin each day in plenary session which includes a time of worship. There was a time, not that long ago, when only men attended Synod.  When I hear voices raised in song, some singing in 4-part harmony, I am reminded that the diversity God created is a beautiful thing.
Our work at Synod, so far, has been done in committee.  The committee to which I have been assigned is dealing with a variety of matters, but the one that has taken up most of our time is a review of a report from a task force that was appointed to study the culture and structure of the denomination.  They have come with a recommendation for restructuring which is sure to generate much discussion when it comes to the floor of Synod next week.

At our plenary meeting tonight, Steve Timmermans, Executive Director of the CRC, spoke on the state of the CRC.  He reported some very positive things, including an increase in membership this past year, steady giving.  We were reminded again that this is Christ's church.  With that assurance we can anticipate God's blessings.

Tomorrow morning I will be worshiping in one of the Sioux Center churches where one of my colleagues from my seminary class is pastoring.

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