Monday, 15 June 2015

Synod in session

 On Saturday we experienced some Iowa hospitality with a pig roast, hosted by the president of Dordt College. No, that's not a beer I'm holding, it's a Sarsaparilla, a local favourite.  Sunday worship was great - a joy to sit in the pew for a change.  I hope all of you remember what a privilege it is to join in worship!  Sunday afternoon we gathered a second time for a service at First CRC which included Holy Communion. The singing at this service was awesome - great acoustics for sure, but also much joy in praising God together.  There is a really positive atmosphere at synod, with lots of first time delegates.
After spending our first few days of synod doing committee work, today we met in full session.  Some of the business included the interviews of two new faculty members at Calvin Theological Seminary, a listening session where we discussed pastoral situations concerning same sex case scenarios, and the appointment of the new Banner editor.  While we applauded that appointment, someone whispered in my ear, "Why do I feel like we just send a lamb to the slaughter?"  Being editor of our church magazine is not for the faint of heart!

Two of the more major items to be dealt with will be discussed during the evening sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Tomorrow we consider the role of deacon in our churches and on Wednesday we tackle the report which my committee discussed:  the report from the Task Force Reviewing Culture and Structure.

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